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Compassion and enthusiasm of the staff from the South West Ambulance Service

Posted by Stephen Hammond Jun 7, 2019 Posted in Talk Health and Care Live

Being able to see the new resources, equipment and facilities we’ve funded being delivered and making a difference on the NHS frontline is one of the great aspects of my job. 

During my visit to Devon, the South West Ambulance Service showcased 63 new ambulances hitting the roads to treat patients across the region. These state-of-the-art vehicles will help ambulance staff cover their huge 10,000sq mile patch, attending hundreds of thousands of emergencies a year.

I’m continually inspired by the compassion and enthusiasm of heroic NHS staff and the call handlers, ambulance crews and operational leads who all work as part of these teams and Exeter was no exception. They taught me about the challenges of being part of a rural ambulance service and importantly, the incredible role their thousands of volunteers play in ensuring timely care for patients facing life-threatening emergencies.

I look forward to meeting more of you across the country to hear about the elements of your role and the unique challenges you face.

 See the video from the visit here

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