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Food matters: How can we make it better?

Posted by Philip Shelley 8 months ago Posted in Blogs

Good, nutritious food is vital for our hospital staff to be able to feel and perform at their best.

I was delighted to be asked by the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, to lead an independent review into hospital food – that is, food served and sold in hospitals to patients, visitors and staff. I have worked in the NHS for 26 years and am now the Facilities Manager at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

As a former Chair of the Hospital Caterers Association, I am passionate about providing great quality food in our hospitals for the whole hospital community.

I want to raise the bar for hospital catering. I have visited Trusts across the country, from Bath to Newcastle, and seen examples of fantastic catering services. But some hospitals face bigger challenges than others.

My aim is for the Review to spread the good practice that is already happening, and to set out recommendations to support all hospitals to raise their game. I am currently visiting as many sites as I can across the country, meeting catering teams, dietitians and clinical staff and tasting the food for myself.

But I can’t go everywhere. That’s why I am launching this Talk Health and Care Challenge – to hear from you, the people on the ground who make our NHS great.

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, receptionist, porter, cleaner or manager, I want to hear from you. It is vital that we look after NHS staff wellbeing, and this includes making sure you have access to great-tasting, nutritious food.

Without taking good care of our staff, we can’t hope to take good care of our patients.

Your input will inform the recommendations that I make to the Government. Make sure you have your say.

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Comments (2)

Lynne Charles says... 8 months ago

I work Leeds Teaching Hostpitals Nhs trust, although we have a staff room with microwave and fridge, there are no facilities to buy food. we are providing a 24hr service, so why are  the staff not able to have access to food on the premises. It would be nice to have a choice of healthy, nutritional food from onsite canteen etc. I work 21:00hrs -08:00hrs and nothing is open. we either bring our own food or there are machines with crisps chocolate etc {not very healthy I know! Its not good for visitors who often come with relatives and can sometimes be here for hours without being able to access food.

Eleanor Heikel says... 8 months ago

Hi Lynne, thanks for sharing your experiences!

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