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24-hour facilities for a 24-hour service

Posted by Philip Shelley 7 months ago

Thank you to everyone who has commented or posted an idea on our hospital food challenge.

We have heard you loud and clear: we need an out-of-hours offer for staff who work around the clock. It wasn’t surprising that so many of you raised this issue. Night shifts and weekends can be challenging enough and place strain on our physical health, so a healthy food offer should be provided to staff who hold up the NHS once most of us have gone home.

This means, as you have pointed out, we need:

  • Modern facilities for staff to prepare and store their own food.
  • A restaurant or retail options that offer hot meals 24/7.

It’s clear from your ideas that hospital staff are health-conscious and want to see more nutritious options available to them. I agree – the NHS must lead by example and make it easy for people to eat healthily on site.

I also know, we need to improve our offer for people with dietary requirements such as vegan, allergen-free, Kosher or Halal.

It was also encouraging to hear about positive experiences and initiatives and trusts which are getting it right, offering a comprehensive and delicious food service to staff.

You only have a few more days to post your ideas, before the challenge closes on Friday 7th February. We are enjoying reading your thoughts and it has helped shape our thinking as we write our final report.

This is only the start of a process to raise the level of our hospital catering. Not all the issues you have identified can be solved overnight, but we have the momentum to take forward positive changes for the long-term.

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