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Keep your ideas coming

Posted by Matt Hancock Sep 17, 2018 Posted in Talk Health and Care Live


Last week we launched #TalkHealthAndCare in Bristol and one week in, I’m so pleased that thousands of you have already visited the site and given specific ideas about how we can support you at work.

I’m really grateful to all of you who have taken the time to tell us what you think, and I have already read with interest many of your suggestions, including how we better learn from serious incidents, to ideas about empowering staff to bring their compassion to the fore when dealing with patients.

Kieran’s post, ONE healthcare record system to rule them all…, was the first idea I commented on and there are many more that I have read and hope to respond to soon. I completely agree that IT systems need to talk to each other and in the future we will publish robust standards that IT systems must meet if they’re going to be bought by the NHS.

We’ve also been asked, when we have a gap in a rota, why not offer more money to NHS staff instead of relying on external agency staff? And I completely agree – we’re encouraging trusts in the NHS to move more and more work over to staff banks instead. This is the in-house solution to temporary staffing, where NHS staff are paid to fill gaps in rotas, saving money on agencies, and ensuring better continuity of care. For the staff members, working through a bank can provide much needed flexibility and we’re working with several trusts to pilot new ways to make these banks work even better for you, and for patients.

Another area that has come up is working without fear of bullying, discrimination or violence. It’s one of the toughest areas to talk about but I have been impressed with those who have shared their experiences of how it has been handled in the workplace. We have a lot to do but are already making progress, with the introduction last week of new laws to better protect NHS staff by increasing maximum prison sentences for those who assault our hardworking emergency services colleagues.

There is so much to do, please keep contributing.


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Comments (5)

Mary Edmondson says... Sep 18, 2018

I would appreciate more computers at present. 

Matt Hancock says... Oct 18, 2018

Hi Mary,

 Thanks for your comment. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this request and it’s a clear issue whenever I visit Trusts. I completely agree that something needs to be done about the IT infrastructure in the NHS, and that’s why we’re in the process of investing £4.2 billion updating hospital IT systems. 

I know there’s more to do here, and that’s why I’ve made technology one of my three major priorities.

Anyone who works in health and care knows these tools are essential if you’re going to keep delivering better care. This really matters to me, and I know it matters to you, so please keep sending in your ideas. 

Pearl Baker says... Sep 26, 2018

STOP BULLYING CARERS because they exposed NEGLECT, without CARERS STANDING up to the SYSTEM, many would lead more isolated lives than they do. No Personal Budgets,'Person centred' Personal choice' 'Holistic' are just WORDS, believe me. I have worked in Mental Health for 34 years.TWO WAY Conversation is a MUST, we can learn from each other, and MUST respect each other, but it can never come, if our Hand of Friendship is ignored?

Sam DHSC says... Sep 26, 2018

Hi Pearl  - thanks for commenting.

We'd be keen to hear your ideas about this. Perhaps you could start a conversation by posting your thoughts under Challenge 1? It asks about staff feeling empowered and achieving their full potential. 




Pearl Baker says... Sep 26, 2018

Think what it would be like if you were a Carer? and recognise their pain. This isn't supposed to happen, what is going wrong? Read up on our responsibility to the Patient and Carer, and take the first step in speaking to the Carer and discover why they are unhappy. It could be because we have failed our Patient, we need to take into account the Carers views, 'evaluate' what could and should have happened. The Patient has not caused us any trouble? but we have failed to understand they have become isolated, and become 'invisible' to the system. The Care Act 2014/5 should always be in the back of every Professionals Mind. The Patient needs to know they have NOT been forgotten, remind them they have a Choice? it should be Centred around them, they need help in identifying what they really would like to do with their life, encouraged to take these .'desires' forward, a Support Worker is required initially (maybe weeks) to help with their Confidence, A Personal Budget SHOULD be based on a 'NEEDS ASSESSMENT' and 'Statutory 'Care Plan', and hopefully an Holistic lifestyle.

The contents of this email is about the Carers Pain, the Patients 'isolation' and how 'empowerment' has brought about a much better happier lifestyle for the Patient and a relief for the Carer, that at last we are on the road to 'Patient centred' Patient choice' Holistic, and Carers are being valued.

The Carer should be recognised for the amount of effort they provide in making this happen, and offered a Carers Assessment, CRISIS and EMERGENCY 24/7access. 

The DOH & Social Care Publication 'Carers Action Plan 2018-2020 June 2018 should be read by all Professionals, including GPs who are really not in the 'groove' of Care in the Community. The Care Act 2014 supports this Publication. It is what you do for the Patient that matters, not who you are. 

The Comments i have made have taken into account the 'here and now' of the Carer and Patient, and the future that could be theirs. Isn't  it great to be 'empowered' and 'achieving' a GREAT result for the Carer and the Patient. Thank you.  

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