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Challenge: How does your employer value the work you do in social care?

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  • Does your employer offer a package of employee benefits and reward schemes? If so, what’s the best thing about the package?
  • When applying for a job in social care, does an employer’s package of benefits influence your choice?
  • Which employee benefits and reward schemes mean that you enjoy working for your employer?
  • Are there any employee benefits and/or reward schemes you’re aware of in other sectors (or in other social care employers) that you’d like to see introduced in adult social care?

With your ideas and feedback we can make policies that carve out a better future for everyone working in social care.


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Flexible Working Hours? Do you agree?

On Twitter we asked which of these 4 employee benefits (gym membership, flexible working hours, help with travel costs, counselling sessions) would you value most? 64% of you said flexible working hours is the employee benefit you'd value most. Do you agree with this? Would you have picked a different benefit? Is there another employee benefit not shown that you would value more?    

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Better pay and experience necessary

Hi. At the moment micro providers are allowed to charge £12.98 an hour. Effectively that is below minimum wage. Around £6.49 with travel time and how care is set up. I can't afford to work.  In Somerset we who charge more are not allowed to advertise on Somerset choices anymore. That has to change.  Care work always is minimum wage. It stresses me out. I have never worried so much about my own financial situation since I started working as a carer in England. Me myself is a social worker...

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Co-Produced Career Development

Some form of accreditation or exchange programmes so that Social Care does not feel so alienated from the wider world of work. Involving staff of all levels at every stage of design and delivery. With Health - Schemes that reward tenure and achievement with an appropriate and specific express route into relevant posts in the NHS or other health industry. Or exchange schemes (i.e. for a week) where members of the NHS or Social Services experience H&SC roles, and visa versa. This would...

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Allow staff time to care

Job satisfaction comes from the job not the benefits.  In my experience over the years and as an educator within health and social care the issues are the fact that staff in whatever area of health and social care do not have the resources in time to deliver "person centred care".  This requires time to allow the staff member of whatever role to really get to know the person and to be able to have time to deliver, physical, social, psychological and emotional care to the people they deal...

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Going green & saving £

I've just got on the bus to come to work (in a hospice which doesn't feature in any of your drop down menus) & passengers and the bus driver were discussing a new scheme that provides NHS staff travelling to the local hospital with discounted travel. This obviously saves the individual money and supports environmental issues. This should be extended to social care workers who earn less than NHS colleagues and often have to travel extensively for their roles.

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An NHS-like Care Service

Please stop giving public money, via LA's and NHS CHC, to private care companies to deliver paid carers to peoples homes.  Bring it 'in-house'. Create a NCS - National Care Service - alongside and integrated with, the NHS, so paid carers can be more like district and community nurses, same levels of pay and training, same dedication and professionalism, same recognition and respect.  Pay them better and the service will be better. Delivery by private firms at the moment creams off a...

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