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Student nurse (soon to be community nurse) perspective

Advantages: reasonable working hours, more autonomy than hospital environment, mixture of independent and team work, daylight and fresh air everyday, one on one with patients.

Disadvantages: lone working(sometimes), wear and tear on your car, mileage allowance is sometimes low, you get wet when it rains. 

What can be done to encourage more staff to want to work in community settings?

It might help if hospitals stopped telling student nurses that they will 'de-skill' if they go into the community and that they must have some ward experience first. 

What would improve your day-to-day life working in the community?

Less repetitive paperwork, more time to spend with patients

Navid DHSC Apr 15, 2019

Hi Hannah,

Thank you for your comments, and it’s great to hear that you have chosen to work in the community! It would be good to hear more about what led you to choose to work in the community?

We agree that repetitive paperwork can limit the time staff can spend with patients and we are working on improving this. To help achieve this, the Long-Term Plan commits to all staff working in the community having access to mobile digital services over the next three years. There should be further information available on the delivery of this commitment by Autumn 2019.