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Community Pros and Cons

Adantages: utilise all skills, autonomous working, having to think on your feet, able to keep own diary and manage own time, see wide range of socio economic groups, not always in same place of work so prevents boredom factor, seeing pt in their own environment, getting to know family/carers, wide range of clinical presentations, potentially able to have more time with a patient, time constraints potentially not so tight as on a ward environment

Disadvantages - having to use own car, not being paid accurately for mileage therefore meaning you end up paying for some mileage from your own pocket, wear and tear on your own vehicle, time spent sat in traffic, lone working ,can at times feel isolated clinically and physically, having to pay for parking at your base despite having to use your car to be able to carry out your job, clinically- complex cases (but this can be a positive too), sometimes down to the community therapist to be the bearer of bad news if no rehab potential (almost like a last ditch attempt), inappropriate referrals, not having many resources for onward referral to classes etc on dc from your service

What can be done to encourage more staff to want to work in community settings?

fleet cars/electric cars

accurate mileage repayment

free parking at base of work

What would improve your day-to-day life working in the community?

as above

edited on Apr 14, 2019 by Claire Coates

Navid DHSC Apr 15, 2019

Thank you for your response, Claire.

As you said, positives of working in the community include the range of patients you see and seeing them where they tend to feel most comfortable, in their own homes. This does mean community staff often travel between different locations in one day, and we are exploring how we can better support staff to do this.