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Military careers for Physician Associates

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Physician Associates (PA) in the UK (Physician assistant in the USA) are a growing workforce throughout the country with over 1000 practising in hospital and GP settings. In the US where the profession was made PAs originally started as a military profession working alongside doctors to provide medical care.

I work in an NHS trust with a large military presence and I would love the ability to develop my role within the NHS and also have the chance to enter the military as a reservist. This is not a career that is open to PAs and I believe it is a missed opportunity for both the military and the NHS. By entering an officer role it would help provide future leaders for a rapidly expanding profession. 

Thomas DHSC 8 months ago

Hi Sam

Thanks for your post. I agree that Physician Associates (PA) have quickly become an integral part of the modern UK healthcare workforce, and it’s exciting to see more being welcomed into NHS Trust’s across the country.

I understand your frustration that other healthcare professions can develop their careers as military reservists, whilst this isn’t currently an option for PA’s in the UK. Although the military also recruits non-clinical reservists into roles which still offer great development opportunities.

What skills would you, and your PA peers, hope to gain as military reservists?

What do you think are the perceived barriers to PA’s entering the UK military, when compared to their American counterparts?


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