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An NHS-like Care Service

Please stop giving public money, via LA's and NHS CHC, to private care companies to deliver paid carers to peoples homes. 

Bring it 'in-house'. Create a NCS - National Care Service - alongside and integrated with, the NHS, so paid carers can be more like district and community nurses, same levels of pay and training, same dedication and professionalism, same recognition and respect. 

Pay them better and the service will be better. Delivery by private firms at the moment creams off a profit from public funds then pays bottom dollar for the most basic service. This can't go on for those receiving the support.  

Delivery of Social Care needs to fundamentally change. Doctors and nurses are not delivered by private firms in the NHS, paid carers should be the same. 

Also, family members who want to deliver full time care for a loved one should be able to be trained and then be employed by that same organisation, as they can often deliver the very best and most dedicated, most effective care possible. 

But they need a sensible income to live off too. So don't default to pay strangers to look after people, utilise the army of family carers, pay and train them, deliver the best care and support, think always about the best possible life for the person needing the support, and deliver that. Remove the obstacles. 

Enable family carers to do what they are currently forced to do in tough circumstances to be done with the fullest support and recognition as a profession in it's own right.

I am an expert in my lifelong term care after 20+ years. I know more than anyone else, I am more able than anyone else to give her the best care humanly possible. To do it fully, I need the income to support our family. 

This is personalisation. This is person centred. We just need the currently restrictive systems to be able to be radically overhauled to enable this. 

Does your employer offer a package of employee benefits and reward schemes? If so, what’s the best thing about the package?

When applying for a job in social care, does an employer’s package of benefits influence your choice?

Which employee benefits and reward schemes mean that you enjoy working for your employer?

Are there any employee benefits and/or reward schemes you’re aware of in other sectors (or in other social care employers) that you’d like to see introduced in adult social care?

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Isabel DHSC May 1, 2019

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your comments. I agree that we should be empowering those who work in social care to deliver personalised, effective care, and that bringing standards of training and reward in line with what is available to NHS staff is a key part of that.

Do you have any thoughts on how to ensure that social care staff feel valued within the current system?

Isabel DHSC

Mark Brightburn May 1, 2019

Well that's the point. The current system pays bottom dollar and is not joined up with other health services that some recieving the support is getting. The paid carers therefore feel (and are) seperate, less involved, less connected, less respected. It needs joining up. So they are a core part of a multi-disciplinary health & care team. They'd see how their work is crucial, learn new skills as the areas overlap and better outcome crucially for the person receiving the support.

Mark Brightburn May 2, 2019

Without the Social Care Green Paper process proceeding in public it's very difficult to see what the latest is on this and how we are going to improve care for people. We all have so much to offer on this from our lived experience. Please get this important process up and running so we can contribute to the inprovenents. Just trying to recruit and improve retention within the current system isn't enough to make Social Care the best it can be for those who access this support.

Mark Brightburn May 3, 2019

Good to see Matt Hancock here at the Lords Economic Committee 30th Apr 19. Obviously lots going on, just behind the scenes rather than involving us who are living this day in, day out. We need this resolving, now. We cannot wait for 'bandwidth'. Please, stop tinkering around the edges with this. It will only be resolved properly if you grasp it by the horns. We all know what needs to be done. It can be done. We just need you to get on and do it, with our help and expertise.