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Going green & saving £

I've just got on the bus to come to work (in a hospice which doesn't feature in any of your drop down menus) & passengers and the bus driver were discussing a new scheme that provides NHS staff travelling to the local hospital with discounted travel. This obviously saves the individual money and supports environmental issues. This should be extended to social care workers who earn less than NHS colleagues and often have to travel extensively for their roles.

Does your employer offer a package of employee benefits and reward schemes? If so, what’s the best thing about the package?

When applying for a job in social care, does an employer’s package of benefits influence your choice?

Which employee benefits and reward schemes mean that you enjoy working for your employer?

Are there any employee benefits and/or reward schemes you’re aware of in other sectors (or in other social care employers) that you’d like to see introduced in adult social care?

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Isabel DHSC May 1, 2019

Dear Sharon,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Helping staff to cover the cost of their travel is an area of employee benefits we are definitely looking into. We have learnt of several schemes run by local authorities across the country, such as the provision of free parking permits and subsidised car parking, but I agree that discounted travel on public transport must also be considered. As you say, it could make a huge difference not only to social care staff who are required to travel as part of their job but also the environment.

I’m also pleased to let you know that we have added ‘Hospice’ to our drop-down list of employment options – thank you for pointing this out to us.

Please continue to engage with the challenge and let us know if the hospice you work for offers - or is considering - any benefits for staff.