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Co-Produced Career Development

Some form of accreditation or exchange programmes so that Social Care does not feel so alienated from the wider world of work. Involving staff of all levels at every stage of design and delivery.

With Health - Schemes that reward tenure and achievement with an appropriate and specific express route into relevant posts in the NHS or other health industry.

Or exchange schemes (i.e. for a week) where members of the NHS or Social Services experience H&SC roles, and visa versa. This would challenge stigma between the industries.

Within Communities - Fund community engagement programmes that can be offered to staff to either lead, help or manage. Can be a range of diverse tasks that champion equalities and inclusion locally and build experience/autonomy/confidence for the staff member. Importantly, these should also be accredited as a new community leader type qualification so that staff are valued on paper as a potential candidate across multiple industries fairly. Exchange programmes could work here too, with local charities and CIC's being the partnering organisations rather than health services.

Does your employer offer a package of employee benefits and reward schemes? If so, what’s the best thing about the package?

The discount scheme is good because there is a wide range of offers and provisions that can be picked and tailored to suit what is personally beneficial.

Recognition (like employee of the month) because the direct involvement with senior levels feels encouraging,

When applying for a job in social care, does an employer’s package of benefits influence your choice?

No, I care about the fulfilment my role will give me and the opportunities it will offer for me to develop.

Which employee benefits and reward schemes mean that you enjoy working for your employer?

There is a more personal development policy. We have regular meetings in person with a direct superior where we assess goals and progress generally, and develop appropriate rewards in response, this makes me feel supported and valued.

Are there any employee benefits and/or reward schemes you’re aware of in other sectors (or in other social care employers) that you’d like to see introduced in adult social care?

edited on May 3, 2019 by ArnieK
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Isabel DHSC May 3, 2019

Hi Arnie,

Thank you so much for your comments.

Your suggestions for an exchange scheme are interesting; I've made other colleagues aware of your points. And your description of how reward and recognition works at your employer will be really useful for our work looking into approaches for rewarding and supporting staff.

Are you aware of any benefits or reward schemes working well in other social care employers? Would you say that your employer takes a unique approach to rewarding staff?

Finally, is there anything you want to see above and beyond how your colleagues are currently rewarded?