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Flexible Working Hours? Do you agree?

What's been said on Twitter?

On Twitter we asked which of these 4 employee benefits (gym membership, flexible working hours, help with travel costs, counselling sessions) would you value most?

64% of you said flexible working hours is the employee benefit you'd value most.

Do you agree with this? Would you have picked a different benefit? Is there another employee benefit not shown that you would value more?



Does your employer offer a package of employee benefits and reward schemes? If so, what’s the best thing about the package?

When applying for a job in social care, does an employer’s package of benefits influence your choice?

Which employee benefits and reward schemes mean that you enjoy working for your employer?

Are there any employee benefits and/or reward schemes you’re aware of in other sectors (or in other social care employers) that you’d like to see introduced in adult social care?

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Sophie DHSC Jun 3, 2019

Status label added: What's been said on Twitter?

Cat Larsson Jun 5, 2019

Proper pay and sick benefit and enhanced payment on weekends and sociable hours please

Craig Hewitt Jun 10, 2019

Hi Cat, thanks for taking the time to get involved and providing your suggestions.

We recognise that there are a number of areas where improvements could be made within the adult social care sector, those you have highlighted are certainly important factors in people joining and staying within the workforce and form part of the overall employee package with each provider.

Do you have examples of best practice that you are aware of or experienced that you would be willing to share?

Many thanks

Sarah O'Connor Jun 7, 2019

Can I please ask what was the total of responses to the twitter poll? Noticing that this challenge has been open for over a month I do worry about the lack of response through this site. Perhaps the twitter poll was a more anonymous way for individuals to express an opinion without feeling like it might get back to an employer? Is there a fear amongst employees that we cannot be seen to be directly critical of our employers? Is there another way to gain better response to this challenge?

Craig Hewitt Jun 14, 2019

Hi Sarah

Many thanks for taking the time to engage with this challenge.

You will no doubt be aware that we ran a poll at the start of this challenge which had positive engagement and we will be using the results from this to help our future thinking in this area -

We have tried to align our communications to best suit the social media preferences of the workforce, however it is not a one size fits all approach and we will look to tailor our future engagements with the sector to reflect this, however, the responses we have received through this challenge will be beneficial to the work we are doing.

Those who are wanting to comment or contribute to the challenges within this portal are able to do so anonymously or by providing limited information when setting up a profile, we do not ask for full personal details when accounts are set up.

Many thanks