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Roster improvement

PDuncan | Sep 30, 2018 | in Getting the basics right

I think it’s very important to change the rostering process. Completing the rota is a time consuming process and in most trusts this process involves the ward sister, the matron and the SMART publishing team, that’s three lines of micro management that should only require one. Senior nurses spend hours a week doing the rota and amending it.

It is not necessary to have the most experienced nursing staff we have dedicating so much time to rostering when the role could be completed by admin staff. Not only would this be more efficient, it would also free up senior nurse time to allow them to spend time on the ward and with their staff on important tasks such as focusing on patient flow, assessment/treatment/discharge process, support junior staff and students, their own workload such as audits and staff training etc. 

My experience of working with the admin staff is that they are highly organised, efficient and excellent at working to deadlines. Although rostering can be a complex task, it doesn’t require a trained nurse to do it. 

Admin staff can be told what skill mix needs to be on duty daily. For instance the ward might require a senior band 5, a junior band 5, two healthcare assistant and to alternate ward sister work days. 

Adam DHSC Oct 11, 2018

Thanks for your comments. You will see that Matt Hancock has mentioned your comments in his blog:

Please continue to contribute with more ideas and suggestions.


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