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Sarah Hansen
Sarah Hansen | Oct 1, 2018 | in Getting the basics right

1) The NHS runs on a strict pay scale system where everybody goes up an increment until they reach the top of their band. If everybody gets their increment regardless of how hard they have worked where is the reward/incentive for those who go above and beyond? It makes you feel disheartened and like a fool.....

2) Employing people who, at initial interview, might seem really clued up, but once they commence employment it is evident this isn't exactly the case. Yet it seems like the NHS has no trials or induction periods to pass!? Once they take the position it is VERY hard to fire them and teams end up being left with staff who really should not be in the healthcare profession and this takes it toll on the other team members who tend to end up carrying that individual.

3) My job is emotionally difficult and some days I struggle; support for my emotions and how to deal with them and the emotional strain would be hugely beneficial.

4) Somewhere nice to have a break!!! A canteen where people can socialise instead of sitting at their desks and eating alone. But then alongside this- the TIME to even have a break for lunch/food would be good!


I agree. There should be a probation period. Performance should be supervised daily by the Ward Leader and Senior Staff so that the lazy, phone checking, gossiping staff are relieved of their positions. The pay that is wasted on these poor performers should be re routed to enhance the salaries of good performers. Get rid of increment scales, and give everyone a pay rise on their documented contribution to the goals and values of the Trust. Smart people, hire smart staff.

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Adam DHSC Oct 11, 2018

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your comments. You will see that Matt Hancock has mentioned your comments in his blog:

Please continue to contribute with more ideas and suggestions.


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