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Joanne Davis
Joanne Davis | Oct 2, 2018 | in Getting the basics right

Make people who are forever on the internet accountable.  No where in the private sector would this be tolerated.  If you have time during the day to do your shopping online then this needs to be addressed.  Seems the old staff (who have been here years and are untouchable) get away with this, come in late and go early nobody manages them.  Have seen this happen in lots of departments in different hospitals


"Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn has a strategy for encouraging underperforming employees.

He told the Financial Times that he tells them: "What you're doing is really important."

The technique ties back to the idea that people need to feel as if their work has meaning."

No consequences for underperforming staff is the inevitable outcome of the absence of visible leadership and management role models on the floor at all times. The throwing out of the 'baby with the bathwater' occurred when the 'powers that be' removed the presence of the strong visible leadership roles of Ward Sisters, who were duty bound to set the high standards that was expected by all their staff.

The change to having Junior Staff Nurses (cheaper) in charge of most shifts has led to the inevitable dilution of the expected high standards to the current behaviours that involve the lowest denomination of underperformance as the now accepted norm. The 'old staff' have learnt from management that their work is not valued, as judged by expecting Junior staff Nurses to run the wards without support of Senior Staff. A sense of entitlement to 'come in late, do shopping online... go early with no consequences is now the culture of the wards now I'm afraid.

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Adam DHSC Oct 11, 2018

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for your comments. You will see that Matt Hancock has mentioned your comments in his blog:

Please continue to contribute with more ideas and suggestions.


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Karen Martin 11 months ago

we need to be thinking further ahead than this - of course everyone should adhere to policy about appropriate use and time spent however if allowing a busy member of staff to use an appropriately protected work pc etc to complete their on line shopping order over their break helps them achieve a work life balance and removes just a tiny bit of stress I think we should be more flexible and open to what really matters and helps people live their lives

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