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I am a director of a Domiciliary Care Agency and have seen far too often that companies will hire anyone with not nearly enough training and a serious lack of support. Having been a carer myself I can fully appreciate the long hours and effort that go into truly outstanding care. Going above and beyond within the professional boundaries that makes a measurable difference to my team, the individuals, family members and the wider community. 

We have implemented a review schedule for all new starters so for those first 12 weeks they feel fully supported, well trained and both inspired and empowered to go out and deliver the best possible service and the best version of themselves. They need to see that management are not too busy for them that everyone works together as a TEAM! As lets be honest, one cant do without the other. 

The biggest failing I've seen within adult social care is a breakdown in communication so those team meetings and supervisions are all so vital for staff feeling a part of the team and also ensuring we are delivering the best quality of care. 

A valued team is a better serving team and far more likely to go above and beyond. 

Team outings too. Getting people together to have fun outside of work. Team building days are so good for re motivating people and also getting the whole team together to share ideas. 

We also offer bonus's for members of staff who go the extra mile and are totally focused, committed and continue to learn and develop. Its great to be recognised and feel appreciated. 

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Caroline Dinenage Oct 17, 2018

Dear Gillian,

Thank you for your comments. I have always thought that fostering an open learning environment at work is such an important part of great leadership. We are lucky to have dedicated staff like you in social care and I want to thank you for going the extra mile. We know that when social care employers think of their staff holistically and nurture a good working environment, they improve the day to day experience of staff and are much better at retaining their staff(1).

As you have pointed out, sometimes it is about doing the simple things right. Valuing staff and communicating effectively improves the welfare of staff and of the people we care for. While sometimes the simple things are forgotten in challenging working environments I want to do my best to encourage this positive working environment across social care. Recruiting and training staff will be key to this, alongside ensuring they are valued in their teams and we are working on initiatives to help this. Benefits and incentives that we have seen to be effective include flexible shift patterns, locally negotiated discounts and benefits platforms.

Thank you again for sharing your good practice and I hope we can learn from each other how best to value the hard-working staff who care for those in need.



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Adam DHSC 10 months ago

Hi Gillian,

Thanks for your post - do see the blog by Matt Hancock also that mentions your idea -


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