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The unseen workforce

As a clinical scientist (Healthcare Scientist) in Imaging I have many ideas about how to improve the services I can deliver to the patient but I have no channel by which to propose those ideas.  We are not seen as a work force who contribute to decision making.  We should be provided with more senior roles in hospital management

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Adam DHSC 11 months ago

Thanks for your comments Anna.


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Matt Hancock 10 months ago

Dear Anna,

Thanks for your helpful comments and it would be great to hear some of your ideas on how we can continue to improve the services we deliver for our patients.

I agree with you that embedding good clinical leadership in the NHS is important to improving patient care. It has a positive impact on staff and on the care we deliver to our patients. You will see from my speech in September that I am committed to excellent clinical leadership in the NHS (

The NHS leadership academy co-ordinate many of the leadership programmes provided for clinical staff. However, I want a better relationship between clinicians and managers and leaders that better represent our workforce and we will be working with the Leadership Academy and other leaders in clinical leadership to ensure this is the case.

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