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Attendance at one training day or relevant conference per year should be mandatory

Not really.  There is not enough capacity in staffing to allow for one person let alone 2 people to go on a training day or conference attendance. This means that as a big London teaching hospital we aren't able to send our technical and scientific staff to learn about the new developments in our specialist areas or learn new skills that may help us deliver new services.

How does your employer help you to develop your skills or career?

It doesn't, I have to find my own funding and opportunities. There is training for Medics and Nurses but not much for anyone else in the hospital.

What would you like to happen to enable you to develop your skills and career more?

I would like to see that whatever discipline you work in; nurses, scientist, radiographers, admin etc it should be mandatory for you to attend some training - if you don't get that chance the department gets fined.  

edited on Nov 2, 2018 by Isabel DHSC
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