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undervauled adin/ nursing staff

review job description/ banding for administration and nursing staff. this jobs are underpaid and that's two the most demanding jobs in NHS.

by looking at job description/ personal specification for band 3, 4 and 5 for admin bands, there is more expectation from band 3 than band 5 and the pay is lower. This putting people down and make them unhappy.

I'm my organisation there is gap in progression for admin too. There are band 3's  and 4's but there is no band 5 and 6, so next step for band 4 is band 7, which I can't see anyone jumping so high. This needs reviewing too.

edited on Nov 2, 2018 by Isabel DHSC

(Account removed) Oct 25, 2018

Have you spoken with your manager about progression? Or members of your team to see if they feel the same way?