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How to successfully catch fog

Asking how to measure success is like asking how to catch fog. Is either actually possible? 

Every service uses satisfaction surveys, audits, compliance monitoring systems and feedback tools. If they all show GREEN on their RAG rating and everyone seems content with what they are getting does this make a service successful? 

I really don't think so. Success is not something that can be measured, nor should it be. Success is a concept born out of a need for one-upmanship. A very 1980's view. 

The CQC uses the term Effective in one of its Key Lines of Enquiry. Perhaps this is a more appropriate word. How we respond to issues and the ways we do that are likely to be easier to measure than success. 

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(Account removed) Nov 14, 2018

Great analogy - measuring success is rarely matched up with what worked well. One person's success is another person's failure. If we don't measure success, is there something else that can be considered?


Yes, retention of engaged, motivated high performing staff by auditing staff satisfaction. Managers would be hired on the understanding that if the culure they develop results in high turnover of staff, they should expect to be fired. Happy Staff equals Happy Service Users.