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Social approaches to better lives

it is essential that the NHS values and recruits social workers to work with people and their carers to provide psychosocial support and to act as the connector for people across the different agencies and services that can contribute to holistic care and support plans for people. The emotional support and the relationship that people have with a key professional trained in this approach. Ie the social worker, can be the difference. In other countries social workers play a lead role in health care social model approaches. The NHS is failing to use this profession effectively as it has historically been located in local government since the 1970s but in actual fact started  as hospital almoners and community workers and developed to be the services that provided practical and emotional support to assist people to address the social determinants to improve their lives.

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Adam DHSC Jan 18, 2019

Thanks for your comments Lyn.

We are intending that social workers will continue to be a vital component of the developing integrated multi-disciplinary health and social care arrangements to join up responses and services to people with health and social care needs.

Some areas do employ social workers to be part of a holistic response to health-related needs, such as palliative care, renal services, acquired brain Injury and mental health services.

NHS England and Health Education England really do ‎value the work that you and all social workers do and want to use your skills and experience more effectively. We are working with Health Education England to consider how social workers can be better supported as part of an integrated workforce.


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Mark Trewin 9 months ago

Hi Lyn - thanks for your comment. I am the lead for MHSW at DHSC and so I am happy to discuss these important issues with you. contact me a

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