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Staff stories

we have made huge progress in listening and understanding the patient voice with many organisations having patient stories at Board - I believe we should do the same for sat stories so where appropriate and with support staff can share their experiences for all to hear and learn from

Think of a safety incident with a patient or service user where you or a colleague have felt supported and treated in a fair way in your workplace. Explain why you felt this.

Now think of a time where you have not felt supported or treated fairly in the workplace. Explain why you felt this.

What could have been done differently to make you feel better supported and treated fairly?

What would be useful in helping develop a just culture?

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Michael NHS I Feb 13, 2019

Hi Karen. This is an excellent suggestion. Are you, or is anyone, aware of organisations who are doing this and what their experience has been? We will also suggest this to some organisations and see if we can get some feedback.

Adam DHSC Mar 22, 2019

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your post- do see the blog by Matt Hancock that mentions your idea -