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Latent Talent

LOVE  the recognition and acknowledgement of ‘Latent Talent’ within the latest response. Delighted that different staff will be recognised as True Leaders in the NHS and wider system 

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A just culture

This is a brave question to ask at the moment and with out undoubted future challenges. Thank you for asking it. The answer is complex. 1. There is double blind software that captures blame, bullying, unfairness that could be held centrally and triangulated with FTSU, CQC and other regulators’ insight. Sir Robert’s leadership of Healthwatch is a great opportunity.  2. The NHS staff survey captures data, can we share (better) what good looks like. How could that be replicated in Social...

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Lynne Bowers

London, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Sep 13, 2018

Bio NHS 30 years Adult Social Care and Third Sector Former Dep DN three Trusts. Passionate about recognition of advanced practice & emotional complexity.An Honorary nurse

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