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Ok so if you ask anyone working in the care sector, whether it be Dom care, hospital, Nursing homes etc the leaders all feel like they are pulled out the place. They feel overwhelmed and under supported.  I think the secret here is quality training in leadership and management, structure and organisation, support from piers and of course money.  there is nothing worse than having great ideas and then not being able to implement them for lack of funds or support from above or the team. Id...

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Gillian Holden

Gillian Holden

Whitchurch, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Oct 3, 2018

How long have you worked in health or care?
Between 1 & 3 years

Where in the UK are you based?
North West England

What type of organisation do you work for?
A Private Care Provider - Independent

Where do you work?
A community care service

What is your role?
Senior Management

Can we contact you about the ideas you submit via email?


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