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I now work on my own, however, in my years of working in care, I have worked in different organisations. Some have been supportive which has enabled me to achieve a successful career. Others are only preoccupied with just meeting the basic legal requirement for staff development.  Staff development should go beyond manual handling and medication training. However, the key problem here is that these basic training certificates are not valued. When you change employers, you are required to...

Mohammed Gbadamosi
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Mohammed Gbadamosi

Mohammed Gbadamosi

Harrow - London, United Kingdom

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Bio I am an award-winning Care Professional, I have worked as a Care Worker for the past 13 years, building my career from a part-time Care worker to being a Registered Care Manager. Currently working as Chair/Co-Founder of National Association of Care and Support Workers and Founder of Tech For Care.

How long have you worked in health or care?
Between 10 & 20 years

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Other Social Care organisation

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Other Social Care location

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Other Adult Social Care

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