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Arguably, it has never been more important to be a carer. Not because the care and support provided hasn’t always been essential to those who need it, but because we are facing an ever-increasing skills gap as the rate of people entering the sector to work is much lower than the increasing rate of people who need access to complex care. This issue doesn’t just end with attracting more people to the sector. There is considerable churn within the sector and people leaving care jobs to enter...

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Fay Gibbin

In all places of work it is important for team members to feel valued within their role. We all like reassurance to some extent that the daily responsibilities we carry out are appreciated within our team and that our opinion and voice matters. This of course applies to working in care. Care workers want to feel valued and trusted not only in the care and support they provide to people, but they also want to be listened to when it comes to making decisions within the care setting that will...

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Fay Gibbin
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‘Everyone should have access to learning and development that enables them to provide high-quality care and to develop in their career’. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Sadly, we are far away from this becoming a reality in the current system. According to Skills for Care, 47% of workers in adult social care don’t hold a relevant qualification. Whereas only 24% of the sector hold a Level 2 and only 19% hold a Level 3 qualification. These stats are very worrying, especially for a...

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Fay Gibbin

Lichfield, United Kingdom

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Bio Fay is the CEO of BB Training Academy, a national training provider that delivers 'Oustanding' rated apprenticeships and Learning & Development courses to the care sector. Having started her career as a childcare practitioner, Fay has risen through the ranks and is now responsible for leading the delivery of BB Training Academy's courses with the purpose of upskilling the UK's care workforce. In addition to her role as CEO at BB Training Academy, Fay also serves as a spokesperson within the sector, campaigning for quality standards, advocating for apprenticeships and the need for quality training for school leavers and employees in the care sector.

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