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How about PHE doing their job and providing the oral health needs assessments so that Commissioner’s can source the service with incentives for the clinicians. There are areas of the country where it is very difficult to access an NHS dentist but there are plenty of private practices in the area. They would not be there if it was not financially viable. So no shortage of dentists just a shortage of NHS dentists. 

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Clair Morea

Why is that two piers of the Primary Care system, who both have Safe Guardian responsibilities, are not connected to the HSCN? No access to referrals, Summary Care Records, prescribing, Safe Guardian reporting, part of clinical pathways. We are trying to reduce inequalities in health service while we have inequalities of service for providers. So about 45 million individual patient presentations at 8,500 NHS contracted dental practices with 6,000 high street optometry practices providing...

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Clair Morea

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