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The way forward

When you work in the community you work more holistically in partnership with the patient. Your advocacy skills increase as your skills in this domain of care increase. You become a stronger clinician. Working in the community is not for the faint hearted. Prevention rather than cure is the aim, you become an expert teacher. Passing on your skills and learning new ones with your patients. Community is the way forward, it’s all pro’s no cons for me. I luv it. You learn to cross boundaries and...

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Janice Churm

Mexborough, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Apr 12, 2019

How long have you worked in health or care?
More than 20 years

Where in the UK are you based?
North West England

What type of organisation do you work for?
Community NHS Trust

Where do you work?
Other NHS location

What is your role?
Registered Nurse/Midwife/Health Visitor

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