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Sowing the District nurse seed!

Working as a nurse in the community is invigorating because you are not closed within  four walls and you get to work more autonomously. It takes a bit of patience to become competent in all the skills a District Nurse requires but once you have them, you are trusted to make on the spot decisions about peoples care and you can make significant improvements to improving peoples lives . You get to problem solve, provide holistic care and work with a variety of people. By working closely with...

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emma Thatcher

maidenhead, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Apr 13, 2019

Bio I am a community staff nurse

How long have you worked in health or care?
Between 3 & 5 years

Where in the UK are you based?
South East of England

What type of organisation do you work for?
Community NHS Trust

Where do you work?
A community care service

What is your role?
Registered Nurse/Midwife/Health Visitor

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