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looking after our children better in the community

Paediatric ambulatory care is the care of unwell children and young people or those who have a more long term illness that don’t require a hospital bed .   By concentrating our minds on ambulatory care rather than hospital 'paediatric' care I believe we can move the focus and centre of gravity for child health to where we all know it should be -from hospital beds, wards and clinics into the community, into homes, into school and community spaces. This paradigm shift , if we do it...

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Ambulatory Care Experience (ACE) for Children and Young people

Community is where the real action is! It's a great place to be right now if you want to think big and brave! We are currently running a pilot in Bradford called 'ACE'-the 'Ambulatory Care Experience', a  name chosen by our community nurses who have a passion for this work.   ACE provides an alternative to a hospital referral or admission for children and young people (CYP) with common acute illnesses like asthma, gastroenteritis, croup, bronchiolitis and neonatal jaundice. CYP are...

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Mat Mathai

Bradford, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Apr 14, 2019

Bio I have worked in the NHS for 21 years. It's a real privilege to work day in and day out with amazing colleagues who are dedicated to their patients and colleagues. I really can't think of a better job. I have worked at the ‘coal face’ of acute general paediatrics in Yorkshire since 2001. Over the last 11 years I have worked closely with colleagues across the health system in Bradford. In 2018 this work resulted in the development of the Ambulatory Care Experience (ACE) Service that is helping to transform the acute care pathway for children in Bradford. Undoubtedly we face many challenges-the most pressing being workforce shortages and staff burnout. However I think there are many opportunities for us if we can be bold and courageous and remember what we are doing all this hard work for.

How long have you worked in health or care?
More than 20 years

Where in the UK are you based?
Yorkshire & Humber

What type of organisation do you work for?
NHS Trust or Foundation Trust

Where do you work?
I work in a hospital - On wards

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