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Most of us don't earn the kind of money we need to live nearby our place of work even with London weighting - this is now becoming more true outside London as well.  Most of us have a 1+hr travel time to work. The extended hours initiative will impact on us in terms of when we can travel, and how much it will cost etc.  Not sure if there is a solution to that but I do think that the government need to realise the impact it will have on cleaning, admin, technical and nursing staff.

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Not really.  There is not enough capacity in staffing to allow for one person let alone 2 people to go on a training day or conference attendance. This means that as a big London teaching hospital we aren't able to send our technical and scientific staff to learn about the new developments in our specialist areas or learn new skills that may help us deliver new services.

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As a clinical scientist (Healthcare Scientist) in Imaging I have many ideas about how to improve the services I can deliver to the patient but I have no channel by which to propose those ideas.  We are not seen as a work force who contribute to decision making.  We should be provided with more senior roles in hospital management

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